We are building a new, peaceful and vibrant civilization

Implementing Pacifia, a new model of society

Pacifia is an Alternative Economic System

A system that is built in a way that prevents inequalities and poverty, that impedes exploitation, and that promotes productivity and efficiency while freeing humans from unhealthy and tedious work.

Pacifia is an Alternative Political System

A system that prevents concentration of powers and allow everybody to discuss and decide about community’s issues and projects.

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Participate in the thinking and elaboration of the Pacifia model. Comment our proposals in the blog and join our forum to debate them!


We coach communities to carry out their own Pacifia system.

– coaching local groups in each urban neighborhood

– coaching rural communities with the support of interdisciplinary teams

Communities become autonomous, empowered, fair, ecological, participatory, inclusive and non-violent.

We are building a culture of peace and prepare people to live in a peaceful system such as Pacifia through education and awareness rising.

Our Impact

We are operating a profound transformation of how society is organized.

Our Mission

Help communities to organize themselves in a peaceful and vibrant way.

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