About Pacifia

Pacifia can be any political-economic system where:

  • retribution is based on time and effort which are valued equally for all (this means that who works more gets more);
  • you give to the community what you produce and you enjoy (get freely) from what the community produces;
  • boring labor is replaced by automation or undertaken by all equally, people choose their profession according to their aspiration (this is where they’ll be more efficient also);
  • everyone gets an equal share of natural resources “quota”, no one controls more resources than others;
  • people have rights of use on lands, real estates, productive tools and machines, etc.;
  • people get together voluntarily to form working teams to produce a good or service, they are entitled resources “users” only when backed by enough people (through resources quota) ;
  • the goal of a Pacifia economy is to produce goods and services of the best quality possible using resources in the most efficient way, free people from executing boring tasks, and allow people to dedicate themselves to their vocations;
  • politics is about deciding how do we shape our community, decisions that we take all together;
  • community (public) projects are proposed and voted by all, and executed by working teams voted by all;
  • laws are proposed and voted by all;